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Algonquin Highlands

Our annual trip to Algonquin was changed a bit this year. With no organizer for the trip this year I changed the itinerary to a new venue and smaller group. Nigel, Paul and myself booked a […]


A Visit to Prince Edward

Prince Edward County is a headland found just south of Belleville on the waters of Lake Ontario.  Within this small headland lies three provincial parks: Lake on the Mountain, Sandbanks and North Beach. I decided to […]


Provincial Parks of the Near North

Getting up early I took a peek outside the tent to make sure that the sky was clear enough for a sunrise shoot. Once confirmed I grabbed the gear along with a park map and set […]


A Walk Among the Waterways

Grundy Lake Provincial Park has much more than one lake in its repertoire. With four lakes to explore just within its boundaries there is much to see. This morning’s adventure was to hike Gut Lake Trail, a […]


Evening in Grundy Lake

With a weekend clear of any obligations I decided on a last minute drive to Grundy Lake Provincial Park. With the intent on staying from Friday to Sunday I packed all my camping and photography […]


Beaches and Stars

Our last night at Killbear a couple of us went out to the beach to try our hand at star photography. I did learn one thing about shooting with the 15mm fisheye – it really blurs the […]


Beaches and Gulls

Our second last day at Killbear I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I wandered down to the small beach and sat there doing some people watching and catching up with a friend of mine. Of […]


Killbear Provincial Park

The annual family and friends camping weekend was this weekend. About 10-15 of us (depending on the year) get together for four days to enjoy some food and booze along with the atmosphere. Along the way I […]


Provincial Parks of Lake Huron

After touring the parks of Lake Erie it was time to explore the ones along Lake Huron. My first and I have to say my favourite park of the day was MacGregor Provincial Park. I […]