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Port Credit Harbour

After my reflexology appointment I thought I would brave the elements once again to get some long exposure shots at the Port Credit harbour. Instead of heading the direction I usually do  I went down […]


The Snowy North

There is very little snow here so my friend Nigel suggested we head up north to photograph the waterfalls of Grey County. On our drive up we made a quick pitstop by the site of […]


Along the River

My friend Dave and I headed over to Smokey Hollow Falls this morning. Having been here numerous times before I wanted to work on more detail shots of the river rather than focusing on the […]


Autumn in Algonquin

I spent this weekend up in Algonquin on our second annual photo weekend with some members of the Brampton Photo Group as well as some friends we had met on the previous years trip. I […]


Plitvice Lakes National Park

Since I couldn’t get into the park until 8am I had a chance to sleep in a little this morning. I also had time to sit down to a lovely buffet breakfast at Hotel Jezero’s […]


Roman Forum and Waterfalls

Early morning walks through the towns have been a great way to see all the historical places without all those crowds getting it the way and Zadar was no different. The bell tower of the […]


Blue Hour on the Harbour

Dave and I headed out again, after some power napping, to try out some long exposures and night photography at the Oakville harbour. They have a cigarette lighthouse at the end of the pier and […]


Together Again

Today was the first full day that we were all together and the plan was to get our bellies full with food and then head out to the beach for some sand and sun. Since […]


By the Campfire

Today started off with bright blue skies so Michelle and I decided to venture out into some of the other campgrounds to see how they fare against the ones we were at this year. As […]