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Little Things

We finally had some snow to cover up all that brown that’s been just laying there. Problem is it was not enough snow to get those pretty wintery photos that look great. No, we have […]


A Walk Among the Waterways

Grundy Lake Provincial Park has much more than one lake in its repertoire. With four lakes to explore just within its boundaries there is much to see. This morning’s adventure was to hike Gut Lake Trail, a […]


Mushrooms of Scottsdale Farm

If you’ve been out shooting with me or even read this blog you know that I am fascinated by mushrooms. So, that means whenever I’m out hiking I’m always on the lookout for this diverse […]


Provincial Parks of Lake Huron

After touring the parks of Lake Erie it was time to explore the ones along Lake Huron. My first and I have to say my favourite park of the day was MacGregor Provincial Park. I […]


Early Morning Blues and Pit Stops

We got up extra early today (really it was still night in my mind) to get ourselves down to Dave’s Bay for sunrise. The colours of the sky were starting to turn as we found our spots […]


Orchid Festival Day

It’s Orchid Festival day in Tobermory and we are attending two workshops – one this morning and one this afternoon. Our first workshop is with a National Parks warden who takes us on a tour of where […]


Into the Backyard

And so here I am again, in the backyard, exploring all the flowers popping up from their deep winter sleep. Trilliums have already reached their peak and are on their way out again. As the […]


Pretty Little Flowers

Back in the garden again today. I just can’t help myself but when spring arrives and all the trees are in bloom along with the spring flowers making their appearance it’s just so hard not […]


Visiting Neighbours

With spring comes the beautiful bright yellow of the dandelion. When I was back in high school I remember I wrote a poem about a dandelion – something about someone being a dandelion among the […]