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Insect Hunting

Max and I went out this morning to hunt down some insects. I was pretty stoked to get out to test my macro skills and Max was nice enough to lend me his 105mm macro […]


Exploring Presqu’ile

Michelle and I decided to check out a couple of the hiking trails in the park. Our first hike was on the Marsh trail which was a one kilometre boardwalk that weaved its way around, […]


Sunflower Fields Forever

The alarm started its horrible blaring after 4am this morning. After slapping the snooze once I pried myself out of bed, grabbed a light breakfast and my gear before heading out the door to pick […]


Evening Colours

Michelle and I drove up to Awenda Provincial Park for our annual Family & Friends Camping Weekend. We were the first to come up with others planning to show up on Friday. After setting up […]


Garden Treasures

Back in the garden again today. This time I worked on being a little more creative in what I shot. To start I decided to photograph something that I normally wouldn’t think to photograph – […]


Garden Flowers & Ferns

Seems that on my camping trip I did something to aggravate my leg so I’m stuck lying around until my leg heals. That said I did force myself to at least get some photos in […]


Mikisew Provincial Park

Late last night my friend Kayla and I entered into Mikisew Provincial Park for our weekend adventure. Neither of us had been here before and we were both looking forward to exploring the park. Today […]


Adventures in Ajax and Whitby

Getting up extra early to go out shooting today was much easier than I thought it would be. I guess it was the fact that I had two photographers going out with me and I […]


Smells Like Roses

So as you’ve noticed lately I’ve been sticking close to home. How can I not with all the great flowers that have been planted. Appreciating what’s close to home is important to my photography. The […]