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Experimentation in Macro

I went over to my friend Max’s place to do some experimentation in macro using focus stacking. We picked up some flowers to be our subjects for the day and set to playing around with […]


Toronto Botanical Gardens & Orchid Show

Galina picked me up from my home today in the middle of a snow squall to take us down to a special outing at the Toronto Orchid Show. We left a little earlier to allow […]


Moth Orchids

I was sitting around the front room hanging with my mom whenI noticed the great light from the front window lighting the moth orchid on the table next to me. I had to get the […]


Christmas Decorations

The Christmas tree finally went up today – yes I know it’s later than most people put up their tree but that’s how we roll here. Once everything was in place and before it got […]


Nicely Frosted

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do and that’s because I took a little bit of break. I’m essentially waiting for the snow to fall to make […]


Drinks Anyone?

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable evening with my friend Kayla. We had dinner at one of my favourite places on Bloor Street – Famoso. This little Italian restaurant has great food and especially important, […]


Playing with Smoke

Since the weather was not conducive to hiking I spent most of the day indoors catching up on some tv shows. As the light diminished for the day I decided to try out photographing smoke. […]


Stormy Mornings and the Bruce Trail

On Friday night my friend Kayla and I arrived at the Cyprus Lake campground for a weekend away from the city. As soon as we had the tents and tarp up the rain started to […]


Into Kilgorie

With the new camera in hand I headed out to try it out on the Bruce Trail. I decided to stick with the same lens even though it was made for a cropped sensor I […]