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Starry Skies in Maine

Yesterday I finally arrived in Maine and who was there to welcome me? None other than Smokey the Bear. Okay, okay it was really a statue of Smokey but it made me happy to see […]



Nigel and I decided to have some fun this evening at Brampton’s four corners with some infrared cameras. Now, you have to understand that Nigel at all times has at least two IR cameras in […]


Night at Presqu’ile Campgrounds

During our annual family and friends camping trip, my friend, Deanna and I were able to get away for an hour to get some fun night shots. Our campsites were in walking distance of the shore […]


Nighttime Spring

Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short period of time in the spring and it can be difficult to find time to get to a park to photograph them. Since I was so busy this […]


May Moon

Looking out the back window this evening I noticed the moon was low int he sky and a lovely orange colour. Grabbing the gear I took this quick shot before some clouds moved in.


Night at Rockwood CA

With a few friends in tow I headed to Rockwood Conservation Area tonight to do some light painting. We came armed with all sorts of lights, flashes and some coloured gels too. In the photo above […]


August Super Moon

With three super moons scheduled to appear in 2014 I knew I had to make it out to at least one of them. I missed the first, although I can’t remember why. I called up […]


Night Lights & Spooky Things

Brad Quarrington called me up at work today asking if I would come up to Flesherton that night. Fog was in the forecast and I had agreed to be a model for some of Brad’s ideas. […]


Piers & Pirate Ships

Dave Hook, Paul Berkloo and myself decided to try out some night shoots at the old beached ship at Jordan Station. This ship has been beached close to the marina for as long as I […]