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First Night at Presqu’ile

After settling in at our campsite this afternoon Michelle and I made plans to head out to the lighthouse to figure out how long it would take to drive there in preparation of a sunrise […]


Blue Hour on the Harbour

Dave and I headed out again, after some power napping, to try out some long exposures and night photography at the Oakville harbour. They have a cigarette lighthouse at the end of the pier and […]


Together Again

Today was the first full day that we were all together and the plan was to get our bellies full with food and then head out to the beach for some sand and sun. Since […]


By the Campfire

Today started off with bright blue skies so Michelle and I decided to venture out into some of the other campgrounds to see how they fare against the ones we were at this year. As […]


The Super Moon

Some members of the Brampton Photo Group joined me at Humber Bay West to wait for the Super Moon to make its appearance. There was some question as to whether the weather was going to […]


One More Attempt

Okay so I have only tried looking for Pan STARRS once and of course with no luck. So tonight I decided to give it another try. I didn’t care that it was cold out or […]


In Search of Pan STARRS

Cheryle and I met up tonight to shoot the Pan-STARRS comet. The clouds had stayed away all day but as sunset approached the clouds rolled in. It looked like we were not going to get […]