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Birds, Birds and More Birds

Roy Ramsay and I got up extra early to catch the sunrise at Humber Bay Park in Toronto. Sunrise was a bit of a bust since clouds decided to roll in and obscure the view. […]


Winter in Limehouse

Nigel and I headed out to Limehouse Conservation Area to photograph the old ruins. I’ve been here a number of times and it can be difficult to find a new way to shoot the small […]


Frozen Harbour

So now that temperatures are definitely on the decline, things are frozen over and for now it seems to be permanent. This freeze prompted another visit to Colonel Sam Smith park to see how things […]


Sam Smith Park

So for the third time in a row I headed to Colonel Sam Smith park for some more photo hunting. Now that the frigid temps are upon us and I’m sure it will only get […]


Wildlife at Colonel Sam

This morning I brought Nigel with me to explore the wilder side of Colonel Sam Smith Park. Our goal today was to find the snowy owl that apparently likes to hang out here. As we […]


A Walk with the Colonel

I’ve visited Colonel Sam Smith Park a few times this year and each time I find new things to photograph. By looking beyond the same old thing we can find new photographic opportunities waiting for […]


Night at Rockwood CA

With a few friends in tow I headed to Rockwood Conservation Area tonight to do some light painting. We came armed with all sorts of lights,¬†flashes and some coloured gels too. In the photo above […]


Headed East

Nigel and I headed northeast of the city today to explore a little waterfall called Fourth Chute. We had many stops along the way but I wanted to share a couple of the photos of […]


Palgrave’s Pretty Places

Yesterday I drove up highway 50 on my way to a wedding and noticed a couple of photo opportunities by the roadside. So today, after resting up from the wedding, I headed out to explore […]