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A Walk with the Colonel

I’ve visited Colonel Sam Smith Park a few times this year and each time I find new things to photograph. By looking beyond the same old thing we can find new photographic opportunities waiting for […]


Night at Rockwood CA

With a few friends in tow I headed to Rockwood Conservation Area tonight to do some light painting. We came armed with all sorts of lights, flashes and some coloured gels too. In the photo above […]


Headed East

Nigel and I headed northeast of the city today to explore a little waterfall called Fourth Chute. We had many stops along the way but I wanted to share a couple of the photos of […]


Palgrave’s Pretty Places

Yesterday I drove up highway 50 on my way to a wedding and noticed a couple of photo opportunities by the roadside. So today, after resting up from the wedding, I headed out to explore […]


Into the Wilds

I’ve been feeling a little lazy about driving to far destinations to get some fall photography. Luckily I don’t have to go far to fix my colour fix. My friend Nigel and I met at […]


The Arrival

Autumn colours have finally arrived in my home town. I took a late afternoon trip to Claireville Conservation Area to get some photographs of this spectacular season. Some areas of the park still seem more […]


Easy Mornings

With the lack of clouds yesterday we were a little slower to get up this morning for sunrise but I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t sleep in just in case it was perfect weather. […]


Pertroglyphs Provincial Park

Getting up early to photograph the sunrise we were once again presented with a cloudless sky. Luckily we didn’t venture to far and had decided to photograph the sunrise steps away from our door. Today’s plan […]


Algonquin Highlands

Our annual trip to Algonquin was changed a bit this year. With no organizer for the trip this year I changed the itinerary to a new venue and smaller group. Nigel, Paul and myself booked a […]