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When My Obsession Began

Although I have dabbled in the occasional InfraRed photo I finally bit the bullet and got myself a converted camera to play with. Needless to say this is my new obsession. I blame Nigel Banks. […]



Today was the perfect day to head out to Rob Roy and photograph the old haunted house. Here is a quick look at the scene I found when I passed by. Beautifully dark and stormy, […]


Beauty in Destruction

With fall colours pretty much done for this year it was time to think of somewhere interesting to go. With Roy Ramsay of Outdoor Photography Canada as my cohort for the day we headed north […]


A Day of Randomness

Today was a busy photography day. First I met up with Nigel for some roadside photography. We found an abandoned house off the main road and we spent some time photographing the exterior. When I […]


The Treehouse

Continuing on with my theme from my last post I found another peculiar thing during my back roads exploration. This peculiar thing is something that everyone would notice. A tree in someone’s front yard is […]


Salem’s Odd History

Leaving my campsite behind I headed east to visit the historic site of Salem. How could I pass up the opportunity to visit Salem while in Massachusetts? I couldn’t, so it was time to put on […]


A Clown Coloured Bird

Today was the day. We were finally going to see puffins!! At least that was the hope when we left our guesthouse this morning. Fuelled up on breakfast we were all anxious to get to […]


Arches and Triangles

Our second day on the peninsula looks promising as the rain seems to have given us a short break although the clouds still loomed above. Our first stop was Kirkjufellsfoss, the waterfall with a view […]