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Nighttime Spring

Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short period of time in the spring and it can be difficult to find time to get to a park to photograph them. Since I was so busy this […]


Strange Lands

The sun was shining this morning but the winds were extremely strong – so strong we could barely stand as we explored the Vik area. Driving to the highest point along the shores we found it very difficult to walk the […]


Pertroglyphs Provincial Park

Getting up early to photograph the sunrise we were once again presented with a cloudless sky. Luckily we didn’t venture to far and had decided to photograph the sunrise steps away from our door. Today’s plan […]


Algonquin Highlands

Our annual trip to Algonquin was changed a bit this year. With no organizer for the trip this year I changed the itinerary to a new venue and smaller group. Nigel, Paul and myself booked a […]


A Visit to Prince Edward

Prince Edward County is a headland found just south of Belleville on the waters of Lake Ontario.  Within this small headland lies three provincial parks: Lake on the Mountain, Sandbanks and North Beach. I decided to […]


Dawn at Halfway Log Dump

In my previous post I mentioned that I went to watch (and of course photograph) the sunrise at Halfway Log Dump. Getting up about 45 minutes before the sun was to appear on the horizon […]


First Day of Spring?

Today is the first day of spring. How did Mother Nature celebrate this? With snow. Gee thanks Mother Nature.


Actual Snow?

Today I ventured back to Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve to try to hike as much as I could and hopefully see some snow. We did have snow last week but things don’t tend to […]