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Winter in Limehouse

Nigel and I headed out to Limehouse Conservation Area to photograph the old ruins. I’ve been here a number of times and it can be difficult to find a new way to shoot the small […]


Mills of Fergus and Elora

Seems Dave Hook and I didn’t have enough of the mills last month so we were at it again today. Our first stop was in Fergus, Ontario at the St. Andrews Mill and Cascade. A […]


From Icy Piers to Icy Waterfalls

Winter is a tough season for me. I don’t do any winter sports so I find that when the snow arrives and the cold is almost unbearable I just want to snuggle up in front […]


The Cliffs of Mono

Today Roy Ramsay, of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, and I went out to visit Mono Cliffs Provincial Park in the hopes of getting some landscape shots. I found it difficult today to get any inspiration […]


First Day of Spring?

Today is the first day of spring. How did Mother Nature celebrate this? With snow. Gee thanks Mother Nature. Related Images:


Warm Day on Hamilton Mountain

With more warm temps and melting snow it was a challenge to hike today. The trail was mostly ice but my new purchase kept me from slipping and sliding – YakTrax pro was a lifesaver. […]


The Slippery Slope

After a couple of days of snow temperatures here are now on the rise which means that today was a great day to enjoy some warm weather on Hamilton Mountain (and also that the snow […]