Another adventure with Brampton Photo Group started out at Eugenia Falls. Although not the most impressive waterfall seen to date it has it’s own character. Unfortunately for me I was not as inspired as I thought I would be. Mostly my issue was I could not find a way down to the bottom to give that sense of height that this waterfall required to do it justice. The bonus was that we were able to go to the top of this waterfall and look over the edge since there is not a large stream that feeds it.

Luckily for me I was able to get more inspired by our next stop at Hoggs Falls. I was able to crawl down the steep hill with the aid of an appropriately positioned rope to get some more awe inspiring shots. This waterfall is quite beautiful but to get the shots be prepared to get wet. The amount of spray given off by this waterfall was frustrating as I had to wipe my lens constantly.

If you are unable to get down there are still some great shots to be had from above the falls.

Overall a great day!