Camping being one of my favourite past times in the summer, it usually leads to some very interesting adventures. K and I went to Alliston for a short 3 night camping trip and ended up with some very different photographs. On an urge to play around with some portrait shots (and for those of you who know me know I hate taking portraits) K and I grabbed our cloaks and headed for our campsite. On our first evening which turned out to be very warm and humid, we donned the cloaks and shot away. Here are some of our late night campfire shots:

We did make it out to the trails the following day for my favourite type of photography. Close-ups and landscapes. Our journey lead us through forests and fields full of flowers.

On our way back to our campsite I find a leaf that is covered in dew drops lying in the path. No chance of me passing this one up. This leaf looks great in both colour and black and white. My obvious choice is B&W for a more powerful image.