Finally the weekend has arrived and a few of us head north to Tobermory for my last camping trip of the year. But this is a new type of trip for me with the editor and a photographer in tow I am to experience a learning weekend. 3 days packed with shooting. That means early mornings and late nights..bring it on I say.
We make camp…this time with a trailer also a new thing for me. My trusty tent is at home this time and I am to have a “comfy” bed to sleep in. That is to barely sleep in as our first night starts with a sunset shoot on Cyprus Lake.

This image above I decided to call Reflections. I wanted to play around with a B&W image and to have only the colours in the reflection. I loved how it turned out. Here are some more traditional shots:

After a bit to eat we headed to the head of trails and hiked up to Indian Head cove for some star shooting. I didn’t have much luck in my star trail shots but here is one of the ones I shot:

After a late night we headed back to our campsite for a few hours of sleep before getting up to shoot the sunrise. At 6 am we were on our way to Half Log Dump located a short drive from our campsite. We got there a few minutes before the sun made its appearance. Although not as spectacular as our sunset the previous night it was still worth getting up for.

After the sun made appearance I had a pleasant surprise when I found a ladybug making its way on one of the white rocks.

After that it was back again to the campsite to take a short snooze before heading out on another afternoon photo shoot. Our journey took us this time to the Overhang. I think Ethan had a little too much fun. But we got some great shots. My fav was of Ethan jumping off one of the smaller cliffs.

We then headed for the Grotto and Indian Head Cove once again. It’s quite the jaunt from where we were and a little difficult to maneuver with the stoney beach but I made it without twisting an ankle. Whew! On the way back to the car we stopped at a little opening on one of lakes (unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name). A beautiful scene opened up for us:

Our final day turned out to be overcast and rainy. We decided to trek to the ranch that belongs to the park without the gear. I however grabbed my point and shoot and got some great shots. My final shot of the weekend was a little more than manipulated but what the heck I love to push the limits every once and while.