So off I went on my birthday to good ole Las Vegas, Nevada. Although not just a trip to party it up but also a trip for the DEMA trade show. How could I pass up killing two birds with one stone? I packed both my cameras for this trip but only wandered around the city with my trusty point & shoot. On arriving at the Stratoshpere, my friends and I partook in some drinking before checking in.

The Bellagio had their wonderful seasonal display in their conservatory. Wonder what Christmas at the Bellagio looks like? Makes you wonder…

OF course we had to make our appearance at the DEMA awards party. The food was great and the free boas were worth the long walk to the ballroom.

Our final night had us cabbing it over to Freemont Street. My first time experiencing this area of Vegas. I definitely recommend this on anyone’s visit.

Overall a great time as always….SIN City is worth another trip out.