Today I set out on an adventure in and around town. Not really sure where I was headed since all of SW Ontario seemed to be gray skies, raining or snowing. Hopping onto the 407 W I passed once again the farmhouse and silos I always pass by on Mississauga Road. This time I decided I would try to find the infamous farmhouse. As I turned onto Mississauga Road the clouds started to break.

On my first attempt to find the silo I ended up in a park down a small side road. Taking the advice of a friend of mine I put myself into my picture. I think it worked out for my first try at it.

From there I decided to try another side street but instead of finding the infamous silo I stumbled upon a graveyard. For those of you that know me, know that I love the character of old gravestones. Here is one, a ground level shot of a gravestone with a great sky.

Eventually I did find the silos but by then the light had faded and the clouds had come back in. I guess this one will be for another day.