A friend and I ventured out to Chinguacousy park in Brampton in the hopes to get into the greenhouse. We got there early hoping to beat everyone else and found the place locked up and not opening for another 2 hours. Note to self Plan Ahead. duh. Anyways not being deterred we decided to hit the little farm they have on the site. Okay not really a farm but hey there were horses, sheep and goats, close enough. Here are some of the pics I was able to get:
I named this one curiosity. I don’t think the donkey knew what to do while we were shooting. But he definitely got upset when we started packing up.

It always amazes me how much a horse can eat but I guess if you only eat grass it doesn’t give you a lot to go on all day.

I liked this shot of the sheep’s ear. They didn’t want to be cooperative so I could get some frontal shots so I went with this one. I really like it as you can tell the sheep was still paying attention to us with the angle of his ear.

Okay I went a little close up for this shot. I was just so enthralled by the eyes. Goats have the weirdest eyes.

Thus ends the journey to the farm until I hit Hanover in the afternoon.