This weekend I went out to visit a friend in Hanover. The two and a half hour drive on the scenic and snow covered roads of Ontario were just stunning especially when the sun started to set. I had planned to pull over a few times but thought that it was not a great idea in the car I was driving since my first attempt made me think twice about getting those snow tires I talk about every year. So needless t say those pictures will be trapped in my head and never make it to the digital world.
The night in Hanover went late into the night but the next day was stunning and had me racing for the camera. First stop the barn.
I think I surprised this horse a little on the extra close up and flash. With the little amount of light in the barn and a little bit of fogging in the camera I was not as impressed with my photos but this ones a keeper.

This little guy was born this year and is about 1/4 of the size he’ll be when he becomes a big boy. Krista really loves this guy and who can blame her. He is too cute.

On the way home I did stop to take a couple of shots. Although the lighting was not as great as the evening before these turned out better than I thought they would. And yes I did venture to the middle of the road for the shot. Luckily no car came rushing down.