Nigel and I decided to head to Mountsberg Raptor Sanctuary early Saturday morning. Nigel was praying for snow but the ride in indicated that there would be no snow. As we pulled in Campbellville the snow started to fall.

The first bird to grab our attention and cuase us to bring out our cameras was the bald eagle. The sanctuary has two eagles, and one just loves to voice his opinions.

Next bird we stopped at was the American Kestrel. I never have much luck with this one as he’s always hiding somewhere were it is difficult to get a proper camera angle. Much to my surprise the kestrel decided to grace us with his presence.
The kestrel looks as chilly as we were.

On we ventured to the owls. My favourite picture of the day was of the Horned Owl. This little guy was not impressed by our presence and kept hissing at us as we settled in to take a few pictures.

After taking a few more photos of the raptors, Nigel and I were chilled and ready to get into the car to warm up. Now to find some landscapes. As we drove towards the north we came across the ruins of a barn. Well, I had to stop and take some pictures.

What a great find. I was able to get quite a few pictures from this short stop.
Next week the adventure continues…