Due to chilly temps we decided to head to the greenhouse to do some indoor shooting. I was pumped to try out my new tripod that finally came in. I had decided to invest in a the Gitzo explorer tripod. Thanks to Ethan for pushing it over the edge for me šŸ™‚ It took me a few minutes to figure out how to work everything…there were no handles…that really threw me but soon I was shooting like I had this for years. I got some great angles without ever having to take my camera off. I am now in love! Here are some of the shots I took.
This was taken just outside the chapel. “Solitude”

The leaf reminds me of a lobster claw.

An interesting succulent plant.

Leaf against tree bark.

Yup believe it or not that is tree bark not dried dirt. I just love the patterning. This is brought out a lot more with the conversion to black and white.