At the group meeting this week the subject was macro photography. As you all know I’m not a big fan of indoor shooting so I was dragging my feet to this session but I brought some stuff and had a little more success than usual. As I walked into the room Nigel handed me an old 50mm Nikon lens. What a beauty! at ƒ1.8 who could ask for any more. I put the lens on my camera anxious to test it out. I had some adjustments to make as both the lenses I use have macro capability so I’m able to get in really close. This one needed the aid of extension tubes to do this. But truly the clarity of the pictures amazed me. They really knew how to make exceptional lenses. My first picture is Nigel’s bellows/lens set. The clarity of the reflection in the lens was astounding.

As I was preparing to take a picture with my next subject John was kind enough to place a 20 dollar bill in the way. This was the result.

My final image is an extreme close up of my Inukshuk.

Overall a great success and a wonderful addition to my lenses. Thank you Nigel!