This past weekend I made the journey to Los Angeles which apparently ended up being a very smart move. Temps here in Ontario dropped to almost -30C while temps in L.A. soared to 27C. Almost a 60 degree difference. Well luck was definitely on my side with the gorgeous weather on Sunday when I ventured to Venice Beach. While walking along the beach these birds decided to blow past us.

On Monday the rain started to fall and the possibility of really crappy shots loomed on the horizon but I decided I’m here I might as well pray that sunset would prove to be fruitful down at the Santa Monica Pier. My luck held out when I reached the pier and the sun peaked out to give me some spectacular shots. Here is one of the pier with a hint of the show that was about to begin.

Storms can be very worthwhile at times. Check out the clouds in this shot.

And finally the show. I had so many shots of the sunset itself and it was hard to figure out which one to put up. Here is the one I decided on. Now given enough time I may just put more up in my next post.

A wonderful end to a great weekend. Until next time..