Getting home a little earlier than usual I decided to keep up the exploration of my neighbourhood. This time I headed the other direction toward my old grade school. Along the way I saw many birds, redwing blackbirds, robins, finches and some others I don’t even know. This is when I realized that I needed a more powerful camera. There is no way to get a decent picture from far away and its impossible to sneak up on a bird. This was the best pic I cold get of the many birds around the creek.
Unknown (to me) bird on tree branch

Another sign of spring is the lilac bushes. Everywhere around our neighbourhood is a bush. Although not fully ready to open, when they do their sent can be overpowering and heady.
Lilac buds

Approaching the way home I saw a pair of ducks a little ways from the water. I made my approach but again they would not let me get too close. I did however get one of my better pictures. Success at last. If only I had my DSLR but the point was to use the p&s for these walks. I might have to change the approach for next time.
Male and Female Mallards

And last but not least another shot of a tulip, much closer up. I liked the white picket fence behind it.
Red Tulip.