The last two weekends I went in search of sunflower fields. Apparently I was too late in the season and with the horrible weather we had all summer the petals of the flowers are no longer existent. That being said I came out with some fun pics that I had a great time playing with in photoshop.
These first two photos are from a field out in northern Hamilton. I didn’t have as much luck here as I thought I would and after the long drive my back was a little sore so I was not in the mood in hike further into the field.

This second pic also from northern Hamilton was of a sunflower whose seeds were mostly picked out by the birds.

This weekend I drove out to Barrie on the direction of a friend that there were fields upon fields of sunflowers. After twenty minutes of driving down the road I found a very small field but no others….hmmm I wonder if I went far enough. Oh well, I decided that since these flowers were in about the same shape as the last bunch the previous weekend there was no reason to continue into Orilla. I had better luck with the pics in this bunch.
I decided to play around a little more with these photos and had some great results.

This funny shaped sunflower almost seems like its trying to smile. I liked the faded look of the colours so I went with it.

On these flowers I decided to leave it as is with some minor sharpening. The beautiful day and the late afternoon sun made the colours pop.