The last couple of days I decided to try some HDR on pictures that were a little blah but had some great potential. Well once I got going I really pushed the HDR to the limit along with some help from Nik software’s Color Efex 3.0
Here are a few samples from pictures I took in 2009.

When taking the Kettle trail at the Forks of the Credit park you’ll find the ruins of this building. It was a little breezy that day and it didn’t help that this building is located at the top of small hill in a wide open meadow.

This image is from a junkyard located in Erin, ON. The exact location is a bit of a mystery to me as I was not the one driving. The junkyard is open to all and is set on quite a large property. This truck is fairly close to the main entrance. On my next trip out I will venture much deeper into the yard. Acres of goodies to be photographed.

This final image was found on my way home from the Cheltenham Badlands and truth be told I took the long way home which could mean one of many ways. I originally drove past it and saw the scene in my rearview mirror. How could I possibly pass up something that looked like this?

Of course the actual scene was not quite as dramatic in colour but the sky formation was amazing and with the sun peeking through on its way down for the day cast the right kind of shadows. This is my favourite of the ones I’ve done so far. It makes me want to jump into my car and find this location again.