So as you may have noticed there is quite a large gap between my last two posts. Well, I went and injured myself to the point that I was unable to venture out of the house for almost 3 months. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to get into my car to drive and yesterday was my first attempt at shopping. Yeah, I know, not exactly the best time to be shopping but I had to try sometime. I lasted about an hour before I had to leave. Not bad considering I’ve been on my back for months. Stamina is no longer part of my vocabulary but it will be again soon.

Luckily 2010 will be bringing my health back to 100% and I will once again be able to venture out and continue my journeys. In the meantime I will be building myself a light box so I can have some indoor fun.

May 2010 bring you joy and happiness. See you next year!