Here we are with the first week of March almost behind us and I’ve just realized that I’ve had no posts up since January!
I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things and the new website is up and running with a few tweaks required. Check it out here:
Last weekend I finally got out to do a very quick shoot, but mostly I was on the hunt to find a previous shoot location. Sadly, as of yet I have not found the infamous ruins that evades my re-discovery. So, in anticipation of “losing” further spots to my fading memory I have procured a GPS unit for my Nikon. I am happy to say it is working perfectly. Yet still I am on the hunt for the site of the ruins. One day I shall prevail. (Honestly I’m starting to run out of road options so I figure I’ll find it soon.)
On another note I will begin posting photos again starting this weekend. (My spring resolution is to post every weekend) The weekend is looking to be a balmy 10 degrees with a shining sun and little cloud. Makes it hard to get computer work done but I will force myself to post. First I need to concentrate on a presentation for tonight’s Brampton Photo Group. I will be presenting Night Photography. I finally finished my deck for it last night and am doing the final tweaks shortly. Once the presentation is done I will be free and clear (at least for a short while) to shoot to my heart’s content.
Til the weekend!