A friend and I decided to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the King Tut exhibit. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in most of the exhibits. This was an interesting look at Tutankhamun’s burial tomb – amazing statues, jewelry, and golden artifacts galore. For a king that was forgotten as soon as he was buried he has become one of the most famous. It took us 2.5 hours to get into and view the exhibit. Approximately 200 people are staggered into the rooms which makes for an extremely slow process.

Once out we were able to get into the Henry Moore Sculpture centre where we sat with some or the larger sculptures. A wonderful room which is a haven for those who wish to sketch. This room connects to the Galleria Italia which is a wonderful addition to the AGO. The long hallway reminds me of the ribs of a large wooden ship. This is one of the few areas in the gallery that allows pictures to be taken.

This is me at one end of the galleria.

Just outside this portion of the AGO are blue lights that light up the ribs. I was playing around with these shots through glass so they did not come out as sharp as I would like them.
Solarization effect of droplets on blue light.
Duplex effect of droplets on blue light.