A friend and I decided to go out before the sun rose to a park just north of Orangeville in the hopes of getting some great sunset shots. Neither of us had been to this park prior to this day but decided to chance it. So, with fingers crossed we pointed the car north and drove to the closest Tim Horton’s for an early breakie. Once our stomachs were full we grabbed our cameras and hiked into the park. In the predawn light we noticed a patch of birch trees with a low moon hovering above it. Unfortunately the pictures were not as impressive as the actual site of it, I did however, get some shots as we wandered around.
Nikon D200, 17-17mm lens, ISO 100,
Black & White conversion

In the opposite direction of the trees the sun started to make its ascent into the sky. There were some taller grasses around so I used them in the foreground to create some interest.
Nikon D200, 17-17mm lens, ISO 100

On the walk back to the car these trees caught our eye. It’s spookiness just called for a fog filter. Branches seemed to reach out to you.
Nikon D200, 17-17mm lens, ISO 100, 
Fog filter on camera, Tonal contrast