Now that spring has arrived there are many things one can find in the garden. We have many snails that just love to hang out in our garden all summer but over winter the die off. Come spring one can find bleached snail shells among the plants. I found this one in the front yard.
Nikon D200, Sigma 17-70mm lens, ISO 100
ƒ7.1, 1/60s, 12mm extension tube

Tulips are out early this year due to the early spring. Originally this image was of the full bulb but when I looked at it it just wasn’t working visually. To give it a little more ompf I converted it to black and white and cropped the image to only show a portion of the flower.

Nikon D200, Sigma 17-70mm lens, ISO 100
ƒ8,  1/60s, 12mm extension tube, convert to Black & White
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