This was my first trip into Algonquin Provincial Park and it proved to be one of my favourite so far.
On the first evening we headed to Canoe Lake to check out what the sunset would be like. Luckily for us it was spectacular. A canoeist came in just as I was taking one of the photographs from the end of the dock.

Canoeist at sunset, Canoe Lake
Nikon D200, 28-105mm lens

During my weekend trip I was able to see a moose up close and personal. I have seen them in the past when we owned some property in Coldwater, ON but usually it was at a great distance. This time around this little guy decided to walk right up to our car.

Moose walking toward our vehicle.
Nikon D200, 70-300mm lens
Just after this great experience we headed to a lake further up from where we saw this moose. We made it in time to get a great glow off the tops of the trees before the sun went down for the day.
Mew Lake at sunset with moon.
Nikon D200, 17-70mm lens
My last day there turned out to be more overcast than not, however, that does not always deter me from going out and taking pictures. It’s all about either hoping the blah clouds will go away and using my aresenal of filters to ge the clouds to have a little more character. On this photograph I also did some HDR processing to give it more life.
Cottages & canoes under stormy clouds.
Nikon D200, 28-105mm lens