I spent some time with family and friends this weekend up in Awenda Provincial Park. It was my first time up at the park and found it much more automated than other park around here. They are also very diligent about keeping each site down to one car. I can’t say I’ve ever been harassed so much for having two cars on the site during daylight hours. It really put me off the campground but otherwise a very nice set of beaches.
One advantage of the park is how large the dog beach is. When camping with my friends who have dogs we are usually delegated to a small strip of beach that barely has room for more than a few people. I am happy to say this was definitely not one of them.

Moody day at the Dog beach
The overcast day brought out the beautiful greens in the forest. We didn’t get much rain other than a very slight and very short drizzle in the afternoon while we were putting up the tarps. 

Small Waterfall by the beach
The best part of camping is being able to make a great fire and spend time with family and friends.