The next morning we packed up our campsite and headed to see the low tide at the Bay of Fundy.

The covered bridge exiting the Point Wolfe campground

Driving through Alma we bypassed the scenic route and headed directly to the bay. Descending the stairs to the bottom of sea floor was a little dizzying but once on the ground the height of the flowerpots were astounding.

The Fraggles

I’m the type of person that sees shapes in rocks. The picture above reminds me of the fraggles from Fraggle Rock, an old tv show I watched growing up. The dark patches in the foreground are patches of seaweed hanging on to the whatever they can. Here is a closeup of them.
Seaweed covered rocks
After enjoying some time wandering the ocean floor we headed back to the car and continued our journey northward to Prince Edward Island.
A short three hour drive away we headed over the Confederation Bridge and entered onto the island under stormy skies. With a short argument with the GPS unit we finally were headed into our campground. We were quite surprised with our very open and very windy campsite overlooking the beach on the Gulf of St Lawrence. 
Our campsite and the cliff hiding behind the short foliage just past the tent