Today I drove out to Kingsville to take the ferry over to Pelee Island. This island is situated south of Point Pelee and is the southernmost island people are allowed on in Canada. Not a very large island but almost halfway between the USA and Canada it has quite an assortment of individuals.

The Jimaan aft deck

I stayed in the campground on the eastern side of the island which held many surprises to me. So far, I have seen 3 different types of butterflies and a small horde of pheasants. Unfortunately pheasants are very quick and my camera was not quick enough to catch the small horde. After scoping out the island I sat on the deck of a quaint restaurant for dinner before heading out. On the west side of the island sits  the Stone Man surrounding my smaller versions of it. Perfect site to watch the sunset.

Smaller Stone Men, Pelee Island

After getting some shots here I wandered further south to sit on the beach and watch the final rays of the sun set before heading back to my campsite.

Sunset on West beach, Pelee Island