I woke up early this morning in order to get to the north eastern tip of the island in time to catch the predawn light. I had a lot of fun trying to shoot the lighthouse in the early hours of the day. While waiting for the sun to light up the lighthouse I played around with putting myself in the scene. In one accidental shot I made a ghost image of myself.

Pelee Island Lighthouse in predawn light

After the sun made its appearance and I used up all the good light I wandered back down the beach to the car and decided to tour a little more of the island. The southern tip of the island was yet to be explored so off I went. One of the places listed on the map I received on my way over to the island indicated something called the Glacial Grooves. This peaked my curiosity enough for me to search it out.

Glacial Grooves

It took one wrong turn and a little bit of walking to find this area but in the end I did find it. Unfortunately the sun was up a little too high for a great shot but definitely one to check out in the future.