This afternoon I decided to point my car northwards and head towards Algonquin Provincial Park. With storm clouds looming here in Mississauga I speed towards the north in the hopes of sun. I was rewarded as I drove past Barrie when the sun slipped out from behind the clouds to reveal a glorious day for photography. Sun and stormy looking clouds equals some great shots. Even better is the colour of the leaves, prime colour in Algonquin.

With traffic so light my trip door-to-door was only two hours. I couldn’t believe that the west gate was so close. Why had I not done this before? Ah yes, because summer traffic is a nightmare. Well with only 8C and a storm brewing most people were hiding in the city. Boy did they miss out.

Paddle Store, Autumn, Algonquin Provincial Park


Since I got there an hour earlier then planned I decided to scope the scene along Highway 60. Since the light was going to fade in the next two hours I decided it best to stay along the main road and find the perfect spot for sunset.

Island Getaway, Algonquin Provincial Park


I was able to find some great shots, the problem was the angle the sun was going down. It was just not working for me and since I’m not overly familiar with the park I thought it best to make do with the light I had then to get lost. In the end I was on my way home a little earlier than planned but with some great photographs to show for it.


Hidden Gem Algonquin Provincial Park