About once a week I try to check out Flickr’s “Interestingness” page and a couple of weeks ago I discovered that not too far away from me is a lovely little cascade that falls into a heart-shaped pool of water.  I just had to go out and find this little gem. It’s supposedly located not too far away from Scottsdale farm which is another place I had yet to get to.

Now previously I had hiked a portion of the Bruce Trail close to this creek and did not discover this little guy so today I knew it had to be in the other direction. Unfortunately I did not find it this day. However, I did find a couple of different cascades along the trail.

The first cascade can be found just off of 8th line. If you follow the path that hugs the road it’s not long before one can see the small creek and the bridge that crosses it.


First Cascade, Bruce Trail, Silver Creek



Continuing further along things get a little hilly and by that I mean there is a few steep hills that when wet could spell trouble. Luckily I kept my feet under me at all times and soon I came to another part of the creek with more cascades.

Even though I didn’t find the Cascade that sends its water into an almost heart-shaped pool I certainly found lots of different cascades along Silver Creek to keep me and my camera very busy.


Larger Cascade, Bruce Trail, Silver Creek



Keep your eyes peeled when driving home too. I found this not too far down Eighth Line. Every place is prettier come Autumn that it’s hard for me to not stop and take photographs by the side of the road if it’s safe to do so.


Trees along 8th line.