I struggled with the GPS unit in my car yesterday afternoon. Actually no I fought with it and it almost got the boot out of the car for good. Here’s what happened.

I received an invite to join a couple of friends at Blue Mountain Resort for the evening. How could I say no? Jumping into my car I had a vague idea on how to get there. Point my car north on highway 10, left at highway 89  and then hang a right onto highway 27 and somewhere at the end is Blue Mountain.


Morning FOg, Blue Mountain



Most of the way there I was good. No problems at all. Until I turned on the GPS. Never listen to what your GPS unit says. Always double-check it before leaving the house. Words of wisdom I did not take myself. The darn thing first had no idea what the Blue Mountain Resort was and then decided that I was to go south away from the Blue Mountains instead of to the north-east towards them. It had me so turned around I ended up in Pretty River Valley. Which I must say is quite beautiful and I will be visiting again but that’s beside the point. The GPS was just plain wrong.


Fog rolling off the mountains, Blue Mountain Resort



Normally a two hour drive I finally found myself at the resort 3 hours later. That’s right folks, 1 hour of touring around the base of the mountains with no resort in sight. I had a wonderful evening with my friend and a great dinner at 3 men and a stove. This morning we had some wonderful fog rolling off the top of the mountains. I was able to get a couple of shots before the tummy said it was time for breakfast.


Old Truck, Blue Mountain Resort