Today, after a well rested night  I headed down to St. Catherines to continue the trip along the Welland canals. Walking along Glendale Ave I crossed the bridge over the canal and then headed left along the path towards the locks. With my ever great sense of timing I just happened to get to the first lock as one of the freighters was leaving and the bridge was being raised. After watching it depart, I turned my attention back to the trail and headed to the railway underpass. Once at the top of the short hill I made a wrong turn and ended on the Niagara trail. After walking for a short while I realized that I seemed to be going the wrong direction. No where around me was this forest I was supposed to be in. Huh.

Welland Canal

I turned back and decided to walk towards the railway tracks; from here I realized what I did wrong. There was a switch back once you came up from the underpass. One needs to do a complete 180 degree turn to see the trail markers. Well, of course, why didn’t I think of that. How silly of me. Okay so I’m back on course again and I finally enter into a forested area and head uphill to the top of the escarpment. Here I’m stopped by some lovely ferns that are in the process of turning red.

Tinged with Red

After many minutes of getting every angle possible of these pretty plants I pull myself off the ground and head deeper into the woods. Soon I come out to a railway track. I’m always wary of these because you never know when a train will come barreling along and take you out. However, this does not stop me from standing in the middle of the tracks to get photographs of both blind corners. The trail at this point crosses the track and turns into the forest again after 100 m. After a short while you once again climb a hill and come out onto the street. Crossing the road you follow the trail along Ball Road to the very end before the trail splits and heads to the right into a park.


Spooky Trees



There were many birds out today the first one I spotted was a woodpecker, busy tapping away at the trees around me. He had no care in the world.  I didn’t get a very good shot of him as he was busy flitting from tree to tree and I didn’t want to startle him by taking out the tripod so I continued on my way. Lots of Black Capped Chickadees and Cardinals here as well. One cardinal decided to do a flyby at my face. It certainly brought me up short. I could feel the breeze of her wings as she went by. If I hadn’t stopped short that wing would have hit my face. Last thing I needed was a slap to the face by a bird. I got the hint and boogied my way down the trail and out onto Bartlet street. The trail takes you back into the park via a paved trail from where you can see the Keg tower peeking out through the trees.


Evergreen Marker



Back to civilization as I walk along Bartlet and then onto Glendale Ave. From here I decide I’m pretty tired and walk down Glendale Ave to my waiting car as it’s a slightly shorter walk (or at least more of a straight line cause it felt like a long time before I got to the car). As I come to the bridge again I’m lucky enough to see another freighter head into the lock before heading home for the day.


Weeping Willow on Glendale Ave