Today’s journey brings us along Tremont Drive, which winds steeply uphill until you hit a dead-end. (Points of interest along with street are all the pretty and expensive homes that I can’t afford.) Once at the dead-end the trail continues into the forest and turns to the right with views of the backyards of  these large homes. Trees here mark which road you encounter which, if your map skills are as good as mine, really help when hiking this portion of the path.

Tremont Dr

Coming down again from the escarpment again (at this point you’ve gone up and down a couple of times) towards Glenridge Ave I found this old tree trunk with the Bruce Trail sign still fixed to it. It’s not often you find this so I took full advantage.

Bruce Trail sign

Crossing the street I found this wonderful tree covered in vines. What interests me most about nature is that the life cycle of plants are so unique within the plant kingdom. This vine still has all its leaves while the tree branches are bare. And people say there is nothing left on the trees at this time of year.  

Vine covered tree

Continuing along Glenridge Ave to the right the path turns off the street and meanders along the north end of the Brock University Campus. I noticed that most of the trees that still had their leaves seemed to be the ones beside or very close to the buildings. Living sheltered lives I guess 😉

Brock U