After getting up early to have a brand new set of tires put on my car I decided to point my car north and enjoy an afternoon at the Blue Mountain resort. As some of you may remember I came up here for my birthday in late October and it was raining all that weekend. Well precipitation was definitely in the forecast but this time it was the white stuff. Turning west onto Grey Road 31 I hit a wall of snow. From blue skies to white out conditions this seemed to be the trend during my driving moments in the Blue Mountains area.

Along Grey Road 31 there is an old car on a small hill on the south side of the road. Due to the snowy conditions I was only able to get photographs from below with a short fence in the way.Once I had clicked off a few photos I got back into my warm car and headed to Grey Road 2 before turning north again to Highway 26.

Old Car

With clear skies along GR 2 it wasn’t long before turning east along hwy 26 that I hit the snow squalls again. Soon I was safely at the Blue Mountain resort parking my car and heading to the shops. After hitting a couple of the stores I finally found my new pair of hiking boots for winter. I headed over to the closest restaurant for some yummy warm pizza before heading back to my car and heading for a short hiking trail to break in my new boots.  In Kolapore, a small town along Grey Road 2, there is a small parking lot that indicates it is for the Bruce Trail hikers. I pulled in there but instead of heading up the road the Bruce Trail Entrance I headed across the road to check out the Kolapore Uplands Trail.


Evergreen and deciduous trees embrace you as you walk along the path. I had the most fun walking through this first section. There were so many different things to photograph. My one main problem this day was that I had forgotten that I had taken my tripod out to clean it and it was still sitting on my piano bench at home. Since I had forgotten something once again I had to improvise as I walked the trail.

New Point of View

Soon I came to a split in the trail so in true Sue fashion I headed to the uphill one instead of the one that remained level. Up I went into a mature wood lot of deciduous trees before heading down before heading up once more. At the top the trail split again so I decided to go right heading towards a river. The trail went towards the river before turning slightly to follow the banks. The trail is set a ways back from the river and had this been any other time of year you would not be able to see it. As I neared the bottom of the trail I noticed a set of tracks. They looked suspiciously like dog tracks but with no owner to goa long with them I suspected that these might be wolf tracks. I followed them for a short while before noticing them heading off the trail. At this point I thought it best to turn around and head back to the car.

Lone Soldiers