For the last 3 years I have boarded the train heading into Toronto to start yet another day of work at my desk job. This is the site I see most mornings, although this day was unusually quiet.

Boarding Platform Malton Station

Once at work the drone of individuals in the Human Resources department begins. Conversations with clients, conversations with co-workers, conversations with bosses. It is one of the busiest floors I’ve been on in my three years here. I’ve worked in three different buildings all of which line Front Street. This new one has one of the better views so far. Every day I am able to turn my head and see Lake Ontario. Well, pieces of it between the buildings. As more buildings go up less of the lake can be seen.

The View from 22 Front

At the end of my days I pack up and head back to the train station passing buildings reflecting other buildings. At certain times of the day it can be really amazing.

The Golden Tower

Sunset at the Fairmount

I do have to remind myself at times that Toronto can be beautiful. More likely to find a camera plastered to my face while hiking trails as far away from the city as possible, I must remind myself that there is beauty in the city as well at all times of the year.