Another year is about to come to an end as we welcome in 2011. Once again a time to reflect on what one has done this past year and what one hasn’t. So many possibilities for 2011 race through my head. I believe it will be one of the best as I sit down to plan what I would like to accomplish this year.

I had hoped to have had more images of snow by now but alas the weather has warmed and the snow is hard to find here.


The Search for Snow


This little mound snow was one of the last to find in my backyard this afternoon. You’ll notice that our grass is still green as well. That shows you just how cold it’s been here lately. (I have garlic sprouting in the garden.) It might as well be spring as temps rise to 10C today.


Websters Falls January 2008


Now this is what it should look like at this time of year. This was taken in early 2008 and although I am enjoying the warm temperatures and am looking to do a few hikes this weekend I was hoping to get out the snowshoes instead. Snow is in the forecast for next Tuesday so I hope to be out in the “shoes” in the next week or so.

HAPPY 2011 to everyone and may the new year be prosperous for you!

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