January 1, 2011 had a very different weather day for those of us used to bringing in the new year with a cold,  snowy day. This year was ushered in with 12C temps and light rain all day long. This meant that my planned hiking trip out with a friend would be a muddy one. We discussed for quite a while where we would go in the hopes that the rain would stop soon. No luck but we just said the heck with it, “let’s get wet”. Heading up to Mountsberg Conservation area we thought it best to make the hike a short one and a scenic one. This conservation area rescues injured and imprinted birds of prey. However, this time around I did not take any shots of the beautiful birds but opted for some shots of the melting ice near a viewing platform.

Shards of Ice

Break Through

Snow has been prevalent quite a bit outside of the city so far this winter. There was still some snow here but it looked more like the start of spring than winter.

Winter losing its grip

Dreary New Year's Day

Both of us were soon chilly and we headed back to town to get some yummy hot chocolate before heading back home. Hopefully soon we will see some white stuff on the ground and that it will last so I can get out there for some more great winter scenes.