While I was out on errands today I decided to swing by the BAPS temple. The temple took 18 months to build. Each piece of hand carved marble and limestone was brought over from India. It is a phenomenal structure to behold. Unfortunately cameras are not allowed inside as the inside outdoes what you see on the outside.

The Mandir

Leading up to the Mandir is a long fountain which is obviously off during the winter months. The Mandir and the fountain are lit at night with coloured ground lights. I hope to get out to do some night shots here but it can be difficult as it is gated and is usually closed.

Looking up to the heavens

I tried to get as many shots as possible but it was quite chilly outside today. The battery soon died but I was glad to have stopped by today. The snow that finally settled on us over the past few days was still seen on the Mandir and gave it that little something for me.

Stair detail