On Saturday I planned a trip with the Brampton Photo Group to  the Limehouse Conservation Area just outside of Georgetown. The forecast said snow and the hopes was for the group  to practice shooting the newly fallen snow. Well nature really handed up a nice heaping of snow for us, which made the hike in more of a workout than initially intended.  The trails in the conservation area are part of the Bruce Trail and you know what that means…yup, rocky ups and downs. And this time they are snow-covered. There are quite a few crevices as you walk along the top of the escarpment. After jumping over own of the small crevices you find a wooden ladder leading you down in to an interesting feature of the trail called the “Hole in the Wall”.


Hole in the Wall, Limestone Conservation Area


Going down into the crevice it’s a few steps before you are lead out of the “Hole” and onto the regular path leading down. It’s very slippery here and a few members had some fun trying to get themselves down the next section of the hill. Once down the path meanders along and meets up with the Black Creek. Close by are the remnants of the Mill, Power house and kilns.

Limestone Mill Ruins

After spending a couple of with the group we started to venture back towards the parking lot. A few people who had passed us by while we were shooting told us to check out the Black Creek Side Trail, so we decided why not.


Black Creek


A beautiful walk but much more walking was involved and most uphill. Luckily this portion of the trail was a little less slippery than  the steeper portion we had walked in on. Finally I made it to my car. Whew! A good workout, some wonderful company and great shots.