After romping around in the snow with the Brampton Photo Group  at the Limehouse Conservation Area three of us decided to torture ourselves further. We headed north to the Eramosa river just outside the  town of Everton. An old abandoned mill sits off to the left of the road as you drive north towards the town. Just off the road is a path that leads to the Eramosa River just opposite of the old mill. We were lucky today as most of the river was frozen over. Little surprises awaited us – small icicles had formed around the openings in the ice.

Icicles on the Eramosa River

Looking upward from these little gems one can see part of the Everton Mill whose bold colour stands out amidst the browns and whites of the landscape that surrounds it.

Everton Mill & Miniature Icicles

It was a pleasure to be able to walk around what normally is filled with water during other times of the year. There are many parts of the river that can be explored now that one can walk over it but be careful as there are many openings in the ice. One part of the river flows through small limestone cliffs. The river bubbles here as though it is a hot tub although if one were to jump in they would find it quite on the chilly side.


Eramosa River

We didn’t spend too much time out here as we had just come from a hike at the Limestone Conservation area. I am looking forward to coming back here and investigating this further.


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