Every year around Valentines day the Southern Ontario Orchid Society has a showing of the competition entrants for that year. The event was held just this past weekend and a couple of us photographers grabbed our cameras and headed down to Edwards Gardens to snap some shots.

Purple Orchid

My friend was nice enough to loan me a Canon camera with a bellows attachment. It had been awhile since I’ve used a bellows but what a great surprise as to how great the photographs turned out. As someone who has always shot with a Nikon finding certain things took a little time and live view made the experience more like shooting that large format camera. Photographers are only allowed tripods from 9-11am and then we have to take them out of the room. So the rush is on with hundreds of orchids to shoot. Best plan of action is get there early and scope the room out. Find which orchids you want to really shoot and start working.

Pink Orchids

Two hours goes by very fast and with live view my battery was keeping me on time. With five minutes left before the tripods had to leave the battery died. I quickly stuck in the spare, took two shots and the next battery died. Guess I was outta luck for the last couple of minutes but felt confident that I had the shots I wanted.

Orchid Cymbidium

So off we went to dump the gear into the car. I am very excited to get my very own bellows soon. I think it’s on it’s way from China. Possibly on a boat since it didn’t make it in time for the show. *sigh*

CloseUp of Stigma Column