Today I made my way back to where I had left off in March on the Bruce Trail. This time it did not snow but it was pretty windy around Moodie lake. Parking beside the remnants of the old Decew house you can wander the grounds and whats left of the home before heading out onto the trail.

Decew House

The collection of swans and ducks on the lake didn’t seem to mind the wind as they floated on the surface of the small waves. Walking the western shore of the lake was very breezy and the warm temps were no longer warm as I pulled my toque on and made my way quickly along the shore. Once I finally reached the gate at the tip of the lake I was forced to go down the steep hill to continue on the path. This point of the trail reverses its direction and takes you along the shores of the river and ultimately to the falls.

Moodie Lake

Take the time to enjoy the view

High up on the bluffs you travel finally sheltered by trees when suddenly you start to hear the roar of the lower falls. It’s hard to see from the path but if you peer over the side of the escarpment you can make it out at the bottom. There are a couple of ways down to the river to take a closer look but do so at your own discretion. It can be treacherous if you do not take your time and keep safety in mind. Soon after I reached the final destination for the day – Upper Decew Falls and Morningstar Mill.

Decew Fall & Morningstar Mill