This morning I turned my car northward to the Orangeville area with two goals in mind. One to drop off some items to a friend who lived in that area and two to hike the north end of the Glen Haffy Conservation area.  I started at Coolihan’s Sideroad and aimed my hiking shoe clad feet for Highway 9. This part of the Bruce trail is much different from the southern end mainly at this time of year  as there is still snow and ice here but also the forest and land is slightly different.

The Road In

The trail here, although it looked pretty straightforward on the map, turned out to be very hilly and with the ice on the ground, a little treacherous to manoeuvre on some of the hills. Depending on what part of the trail you were hiking there was either a lot of snow on the ground or none at all.

Stream along the Glen Haffy trail

Towards the north end of the trail the hills level out a bit and I’m able to take a breather from all the slippery up and downs. Walking down a slight grade I soon come to a fence that has me turning to the left to continue along trail. As I stop to admire the area three chipmunks come running down the fence. A nice interlude to a slightly harder hike than normal. As I continued on to highway 9 I walked into a part of the forested trail that reminded me more of an ethereal path then one based in our reality.

Journey to Fae